Sudoroom is a hackerspace located in Oakland, California. It’s one of two hackerspaces that are part of The Omni. Here’s its description from its homepage:

  • We’re Sudo Room, a free hackerspace located at 4799 Shattuck in north Oakland, CA!
  • We’re into technology and where it intersects with social justicesustainabilityeducation and solidarity.
  • We strive to be an opentransparenthorizontal and welcoming community where all are supported and free to learncreategathercollaborateworkplay and more! .
  • We’ve got tons of tools for you to use, from a 3D printer to public computer terminals, a big huge library and all kinds of gadgets!
  • We are exclusively volunteer-run and supported through donations!! Learn more about membership.
  • Our slogan is: HACK THE PLANET!

Sudoroom has its organizational documents collected in its Articles of Association.

It mentions that it “values safe space over ideology” in its Values section.

It defines what is meant by safe space in its Benefits section. However, as a member collective at The Omni, all Sudoers are also expected to abide by The Omni’s Safer Space Policy.

Sudroom tries to maintain a non-hierarchical, horizontal structure. Here are its Decision Making procedures. Here is its Membership policy.

Sudoroom’s Conflict Resolution policy is tried and true and can be seen here.