The Omni

The Omni is a “collective of collectives” located in Oakland, California. It houses two hacking labs (Sudoroom and Counter Culture Labs) among quite a few other progressive and creative organizations.

This is the Omni’s description of itself from its home page:

The Omni Commons is comprised of several Bay Area collectives with a shared political vision—one that privileges a more equitable commoning of resources and meeting of human needs over private interests or corporate profit.

We invite you to join us in establishing a safe, productive place to pool resources for the collective use and stewardship of the greater community. A space that fosters an ethic of radical collaboration across disciplines and between individual collectives, creating a living model for future radical spaces. Learn more about our history, vision and values at our wiki!

The Omni’s Safer Space Policy (its code of condutc), Conflict Resolution Policy and Statement of Solidarity apply to all member organizations, including the two resident hacking labs.

Open Inclusivity’s research indicates that The Omni’s organizational documentation is the most complete of any space in the hacking movement. It has a very comprehensive Safer Space Policy. That Safer Space Policy is backed up by a well thought out Conflict Resolution Policy. the Omni’s Statement of Solidarity seems to be unique among hackerspaces, but we hope that others will follow its lead in adopting similar visions.

Please find the Omni’s Safer Space Policy here.

See its Conflict Resolution Policy here.

See its Statement of Solidarity here.