The resources found below are intended to aid you in understanding what a safer space is and about some of what constitutes a violation thereof. There are also a great many relating to what harassment is as education is the best prevention and this is a subject we’ve had a lot of firsthand experience with. If everyone knows what harassment is, we feel it will be much less likely to happen.

What is workplace bullying/harassment?

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is a workplace issue, not a personal one

Sexual harassment is a human rights issue 


What is mobbing?

Why does harassment occur?

It’s all about power, not sex. It is often intended to injure and silence the target.


Harassment is often a reaction to whistleblowing:

What typically happens when someone blows the whistle on organizational corruption?


How to prove harassment

What are the effects of harassment?

What are some common reactions when a survivor of harassment complains?

Victim Blaming is a common response:


Examples of and overview articles on gender discrimination and harassment (and other violence) in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Reports on discrimination in STEM

Individual instances of discrimination, harassment and gender based violence in STEM (this is a very incomplete list and only the most high profile cases are touched on, this scourge has affected thousands of marginalized people in STEM)

Harassment in hacking / citizen science / open knowledge

How widespread is harassment in Denmark?

What are Danish laws and punishments for harassment? Are organizations liable alongside perpetrators?

What can people who have been harassed and failed by the traditional system do?

Why is discrimination so rampant in STEM?

  • Bystanders often do not intervene